Longbreak Life

We search for good, uncrowded waves.


Beautiful waves that peel along friendly reefs and sandy points, waves that let you get a few turns in, that break with a consistency that lets you get into the groove, that will let you into their barrels – and let you out again!


We’re not that keen on huge, gaping barrels that dredge off dry reefs in icy water.


But sometimes we do shift from cruise mode to WTF!!!! Just to keep us on our toes.



Once you have enough years in your wake, you reach an understanding of what you really want, instead of going after what you’re told you should want.


Our readers are usually looking for a week or three far from the crowds, cold water and ordinary waves of their home breaks. Their preferred accommodation ranges from shameless luxury to soulful simplicity, as long as they’re in beautiful surroundings, with good food, great waves and like-minded fellow travellers. (There’s nothing worse than getting stuck on a charter yacht with a bunch of death-seeking chargers holding the majority vote on where to anchor.


Longbreak often hooks readers up with each other for charters, to avoid just such a fate.)



Every story is of places we actually visited, waves we rode, people we travelled with and people who have hosted us.


We write it as it actually happened, and bring the pics home as proof. Before choosing any destination for review we research it in anal detail, to ensure this is going to be the kind of trip our readers would like to learn about and maybe do themselves one day.


Our travellers are professional writers and photographers who travel extensively in their jobs, with decades of travel experience stamped in their passports.







To launch you on the rides of your life.
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