To Get This: Your Tablet copy of Longbreak
You Need This: The App Icon on your Tablet
To Download First Time User Here is How You Do It: Step 1: Connect to the Internet with your Tablet. Step 2: Go to the App Store or Google Play. Step 3: Search for Longbreak. Download the FREE Longbreak App . (This is not the individual issue of the magazine. It is the library where the Issues are kept.) Step 4 Tap the OPEN button. Step 5: Tap the panel with the price of any issue to download. This can take a minute or two depending on Internet-speed. Step 6:: Enjoy scrolling through the pages Hints: Swipe the screen horizontally to move through the articles. Swipe the screen from top to bottom to scroll through individual articles. Explore the pages for slide-shows, and scroll through image and text blocks. See above an image of our opening screen-page to whet your appetite. It would be great if you could spread the word. Please let us know whether or not you found the process easy. Your feedback will help us be better. Email : glidepath@westnet.com.au